• José ? Silva
     Mestre Cabelo Bom 
    191? - ??

    The ABC

    191? - Was born ...

    1953 - Appears A. Brill's photos in M Waldemar's hut (see below).

    1954 - Appears on M. Gautherot's photos on the docks and on the beach together with M Waldemar and others (see below).

    1960 - His game was recorded on the 9th January by ina.fr together with M Waldemar and other on the Itapuã beach, Salvador (see below).

    201? - Died ...

    PS We are searching Anilton Silva, of about 50 years of age, who's the nephew of M Cabelo Bom, so he could tell us about his uncle's life.


    • ?,
      M Bugalho,
      M Waldemar,
      M Cabelo Bom (details the hat and the mustache),
      M Traíra
      Close to M Waldemar's hut
      Alice Brill, 1953
      Collection: IMS

    • Instruments:
      M Waldemar (pandeiro, covered),
      Quebra-Jumelo (Vanildo, berimbau),
      ? (berimbau),
      M Caiçara?,
      Playing: M Cabelo Bom (note his hat fallen on the ground) and Pai de Família
      Itapuã beach
      Marcel Gautherot, 1954
      Collection: IMS

    • Instruments:
      M Waldemar (berimbau),
      ? (berimbau),
      Vanildo (berimbau),
      ? (pandeiro),
      ? (pandeiro)
      Playing: M Cabelo Bom (detail the mustache) and ?
      The Port Quais
      Marcel Gautherot, 1954
      Collection: IMS

    M Cabelo Bom

    M Cabelo Bom (with hat) playing with M Caiçara? at 00:45 seconds


    M Cabelo Bom in memoriam

    • M Waldemar


      And [M Waldemar] points out the future capoeiras who were his students.

      José Cabelo Bom and Zacarias da Boa Morte are continuing his tradition.

      Diário de Notícias, 10/Oct/1970

      Others were José Cabelo Bom [..] I have two students. They are still good. And Cabelo Bom is the uncle of this boy that I'm teaching here. But he doesn't want to learn to play the game. He only wants to beat on the berimbau.

      Interview to M Luiz Renato, 1989

    • +

      M Olavo

      [Bom Cabelo and Cabelo Bom, were they two people or only one?]

      It's only one. It's Cabelo Bom, Waldemar's student. I knew him, he was my friend. Nowadays, I think he lives.. there's a guy saying he's died and another saying he lives in Candeias. But I never.. There people are all gone, Waldemar's capoeiristas.

      Interview to M Dhunga, 2020

    • +

      M Pelé da Bomba

      Cabelo Bom and Bom Cabelo (twins) [still without confirmation - velhosmestres.com]

      M Pelé da Bomba in his book, 2010

    • +

      Odorico Tavares

      Today, the visitors will go on Sundays to see the survivors of the brave guys from the past, the students of Samuel Querido de Deus, Tibiri da Fôlha Grossa, of Cazumbá, that Caribé remembers "was a butcher and would only cut ox meat in a morning suit and with a pistol on his hip", and many other masters, who today are called Valdemar, Pastinha, Mestre Bimba, Juvenal, Traíra, Cabelo Bom, Onça Preta.

      Bahia. Images da terra e do povo, 1951

    • +

      Arival Boa Morte

      Cabelo Bom was a very good person, very calm. Not was, is, because he is still alive. He's around a hundred years old, but he.. His hair was very soft, so he put a belt on his hair, a sash [actually a hat - velhosmestres.com], so that it wouldn't fall in his eyes. And he played like a snake, very well, very nice. And was a capoeirista you don't meet any longer of this type. Traíra had a very similar game to that of Cabelo Bom and a game that had the appearance of M Waldemar's, since Waldemar was also subtle, was a subtle mestre.

      Interview to M Negoativo, 2017

    • +

      Anilton Silva

      I am Anilton, the last student of mestre Valdemar and nephew of Cabelo Bom. I got baptized with a drop of Angola in the berimbau production on the Peixe Avenue in Pero Vaz. I lived with mestre until the last days of his life making berimbaus and recorded an LP with him and mestre Canjiquinha [in 1986].

      Anilton Silva, 2020

    • +

      Jorge Amado

      When buying, however, he wants to know if the chosen berimbau was made by mestre Waldemar, a reknowned capoeirista, in whose shrine in Liberdade, when he had his school open, went to play around great masters Traíra and Bom Cabelo, today gone.

      Bahia de Todos os Santos. Guia de ruas e mistérios. The 1977 ed.

    • +

      Sangirardi jr.

      There is a capoeira roda in the Liberdade Square, managed by mestre Waldemar and frequented by Caribé, Cabelo Bom, Mário Cravo and other roughnecks.

      Jornal Radiolandia, 24th Sept 1955

    • +

      M João Grande

      I always went to Waldemar. It got heated up. Lord have mercy! There were only experienced guys there. There was Evanir, Tatá, Bom Cabelo, Chita, Macário, Sete Molas, Zacarias.

      M João Grande in Castro, 2007

    • +

      Araguaya F. Martins

      The pairs went on: Vanildo x Moíses, Vanildo x Manuel, Vanildo x Costa, Vanildo x Cabelo Bom.

      Correio Paulistano, 16/11/1957

    • +

      M Gato Preto

      There were in Bahia many mestres who played well, such as Canjiquinha, Zéis, Vandir, Agulhão, Zacarias, Bom Cabelo.

      Interview to Roger Spock, 1999

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