•  Capueira de Angola. A Personal View of a Capueira Master 
    Guilherme dos Santos Barbosa*

    [..] Mestre Valdemar shared his views on modern-day changes in capueira with me one day at his house. He told me that capueira

    «was gradually improved by the older generation, removing the aggressiveness and substituting it with other things».

    [..] It is evident that certain punches used in present day capoeira regional are of modern derivation. Recently, I asked João Pequeno and Mestre Valdemar, both masters of capueira de Angola, if they knew a jump called macaco ("monkey"). This jump is presently common in the capoeira regional. Neither of the mestres of the older tradition knew this movement.

    [..] Mestre Valdemar only used berimbaus and pandeiro in his academy in Liberdade.

    [..] Mestre Valdemar told me:

    «I no longer play berimbau in today's capueira because I am tired of changing the toque, but they neither understand nor change the game. If one arrives in the morning at a roda, they will use the same toque and the same jogo until nighttime».

    * M Guilherme, M Pastinha's student

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