•  M Waldemar's interview to Helinä Rautavaara 

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    M Waldemar in 1964!
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      Valente Vilela
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      Explanation of Vilela
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      Lacemaker woman

    M Waldemar in 1964


    The collector's memoirs mention shortly the acquirement of the instrument from Waldemar. This is backed up by photos by the collector, where Waldemar plays a same kind of instrument. There are tape recordings by her where Mestre Waldemar speaks, and there are notes by the collector's own documentation about the content of the tapes.

    There are several photoes where Waldemar plays berimbaus made by him. One of his contemporaries, Mestre Joao Grande leader of his Capoeira Angola school in New York, honoured the museum with a visit in his old age, and gave invaluable commentaries to the photos, that will soon be digitized. Knowledgeable about Waldemar's style he could depict him by his bright white shoes, even in the very dark night shots that, without him, would have been considered almost lacking any information.

    Hirvonen-Nurmi, 2010

    Photo gallery

    • Bateria:
      ? (berimbau),
      ? (pandeiro),
      M Waldemar (berimbau),
      ? (pandeiro)
      Salvador, 1964
      Helinä Rautavaara's collection

    • Pandeiro: M Waldemar
      Berimbau: ?

    • M Waldemar with Az de Ouro

    • M Waldemar wearing a striped shirt, hat, white trousers and shoes

    • M Traíra (blue and white shirt, clapping hands)
      ? (pandeiro),
      M Waldemar (berimbau),
      ? (pandeiro),
      ? (berimbau)
      In motion: ?

    • M Waldemar with berimbau and collector Helinä Rautavaara during her visit. Bark being peeled from berimbau material.

    • Berimbau given to Helinä Rautavaara by M Waldemar. Collection of Helinä Rautavaara museum.

    • Detail of berimbau given to Helinä Rautavaara by M Waldemar. Collection of Helinä Rautavaara museum.

    Helinä Rautavaara MA
    Dept. of Comparative Religion
    University of Helsinki

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