•  «Bahia, capoeira on the beach» 
    Itapuã beach



    Recorded in 1960. Singing M Waldemar [in 1955].

    Episodes of Voyages sans passeport present images, accompanied by music taken from discs and a commentary based on notes sent by the traveling cameraman; the producer remained in Paris. The music that accompanies capoeira was recorded by Simone Dreyfus in 1955 in master Waldemar's barracão. This master can be seen in the shots.

    Cameraman: Peter Solange
    Producer: Irène Chagneau

    The narrator (Irène Chagneau):

    To wind down after work, the port workers, and the plantation workers came together to dance capoeira. It is an extremely unusual dance, which originated in Angola a long time ago. There are two musical instruments, a pandeiro, which is a tambourine, and a berimbau, a stringed instrument with a sound box, in this instance, a half calabash. An old coin is used to change the pitch, while you strike the steel string with a stick, the Baqueta, to produce a weird sound.

    There are pirouettes and games, it almost seems to be more than dance, a form of relaxation. It is all done joyfully.


    Identification of participants

    • An important detail for research:
      Mestres Bugalho (if it's him) and Caiçara are left-handed.

    Stills of the video

    Source of the photo

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