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     M Waldemar em Radiolandia 
    24 de setembro de 1955

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      Sangirardi jr.

      I ask permission from the men who say they are bad boys, while the real bad boys are others.

      Capoeira is one of the beautiful things of Salvador, a city which is full of unexpected things and beauty. There is a capoeira roda on the Liberdade Square, run by mestre Waldemar and frequented by Caribé, Cabelo Bom, Mário Cravo and other famous roughnecks. There is the Academy of the old mestre Bimba, with the diploma and the graduation panel, close to the Medicine Faculty. Bahian capoeira takes place in slow motion, with harmonious movements, almost kind, as if it was a "ballet". In the trainings and in the exhibitions, the fighters only suggest, imagine the kick, smiling and lovely. This styel comes from the time the police decided to prohibit the game and persecute the capoeiras. So they took the old African urucungos (today stomach berimbaus), and, singing, started to train movements in slow motion. When the police came, they justified themselves: they were only singing and dancing. They camouflaged, in this manner, the prohibited and dangerous fight. The style of the game continues until today. But the gentelmanly dancing is only a trick. Because during a fight, a real one, the Bahian capoeira is so agile and unexpected that, when the adversary realizes, is already on the ground, when he thinks to react, is already ready for hospital.

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