• Liberdade
    Salvador, 1940


    M Waldemar: «In 1940* I started to teach here in Pero Vaz. [..] The roda in Liberdade was out in the open, close to the grove. I made a roda in the shade and put the guys to play there. Later I made a hut** out of large straws and every capoeirista of Bahia came to my hut.» Interview to M Luiz Renato, 1989

    * Pero Vaz nor Corta Braço didn't exist yet in 1940 - it's possible that the mestre until 1946/47 taught in the Liberdade neighborhood.

    ** The first register of the hut we have from 1951 by O. Tavares.


    For many years he had demostrations every Sunday with his students on a square in the Liberdade neighborhood. Shaffer, 1977.

    M Bigodinho commented: «But, the people say that his capoeira started there in Agnelo, but it wasn't like this. I say this because I saw this. More than once or twice***.» Interview to Capoeira Virtual, 2003.

    We don't know unfortunately where exactly M Waldemar taught in Liberdade between 1940-1946/7.

    *** M Bigodinho started to learn with M Waldemar in 1950.



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