• Jornal da Bahia
     Pastinha, a Bahian tradition, in difficulties 
    22nd October 1971

    • Mestre Pastinha is tired of promises
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    Jornal da Bahia, 1971

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      Pastinha, a Bahian tradition, in difficulties
      Jornal da Bahia
      22nd October 1971

      Mestre Pastinha, a tradition of Bahian capoeira, the creator of the style and a teacher of many people, is left to his own luck: almost blind, without his Academy, lives on a small help from Sutursa - Cr$ 145,00 - which is barely enough to pay for the room he lives in.

      With the works of recuperation of Pelourinho, Mestre Pastinha's Academy was closed. He didn't receive compensation, but a promise that he would get back his property, as soon as the works are completed. This return is his only hope, but the problems are different.

      - I thought - says Pastinha - that, while they fix Pelourinho, the Patrimony would rent me another place. In the end I always lived off teaching.

      Another place Mestre didn't get. And his financial situation, which wasn't good, got worse. The Mayor promised to increase his pension, which also didn't happen. The Mestre isn't starving, because his ex-students are helping him.

      - The boys come here - Pastinha continues, without sorrows - and ask me what will the solution be. What do I know about the solution? I can't do anything.

      Among the promises was one that said that a social worker would visit Pastinha, asking for his needs: food, clothes and remedies.

      - No girl came to the house - says the Mestre.

      In the Foundation of the Patrimony, Pastinha's return to his room in building 39 [19] of the Pelourinho Square is considered peaceful. "There will be no problems", says one of the workers of the management. How will he live until then, nobody knows.

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