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     CMestre Pastinha's place will become a tourist attraction 
    16th June 1971

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    O Globo, 1971

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      Mestre Pastinha's place will become a tourist attraction
      O Globo
      16th June 1971

      SALVADOR (O GLOBO) - Pelourinho, home of Mestre Pastinha, the most famous Brazilian capoeirista, who introduced capoeira as an amateur sport and created the first capoeira academy of the sort of self defense fight, will be reformed and transformed into a tourist attraction.

      The Mayor Cleriston de Andrade declared that Mestre Pastinha will not leave Pelourinho: if he will not stay in the same house, he will get another one, because "his capoeira became a patrimony not only of Bahia, but, also, of Brazil".

      Old, almost blind, Mestre Pastinha, didn't lose, however, the hopes to fulfil his great life dream: see organized a nacional and another internacional tournament of capoeira. With longing, he remembers the time when he prepared faculty students in his art. Many times, his students had to run to school, so as not to miss university lessons. Among his many students - most of whom don't even remember the old master - highlights the Governor Antônio Carlos Magalhães, who, when he was the mayor secured him a lifesaving pension.

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