Alceu Maynard Araujo

    Professor Alceu Maynard Araujo (1913-1974), ethnologist, traveled to the North-East of Brazil in 1951-53 collecting material for program See Brazil.

    Capoeira Angola was recorded in 1952. Source

    «The film was made (a sound track recorded separately, that's why it's mute, the documentary by the great folklortist Alceu M.'s team) still during the time that CECA was there in Brotas, corner of Matatu, little before the end of the tram line. There was a back-yard, this place.

    Our late M João Pequeno still lived close to Pojuca, but came evety weekend to the roda, which was respected and very much alive!... M João Grande was there also, always, because he was a faithful student and one of the most hard-working and competent. Both always together and game-buddies, in beautiful rodas, on Sundays, there or in candomblé of Neive Branco, at the tracks-end, where the roda was formed, also, specially when there was some party in the shrine...

    The moving of CECA to Pelourinho 19 happened in 1951 [M Pastinha wrote, that he only moved there in 1955 - velhosmestres.com], at the end of the year... I remember this well. The community missed this alot, because he participated actively, always!... Brotas was always the granary of excellent disciples, future capoeiristas... Besides a location for feasts for many, specially the June ones...

    The little girl [Cely Leal, b. 16/04/1949, was almost 3, so the recording took place between January and April] who playes with the Mestre, is using a sports uniform which was used alot that time, also by bigger students. From the garden to the normal, all the courses used it, the girls, the students. There was also the use of a cap [gôrro ou bibico] by Mestre Pastinha, who liked it alot, and by the students, as you can well see, a little lated abolished, but the hat stayed, for who had the habit of using it, specially, by the duke, with pants and a coat or a suit, with the silk waistcoat, and the silk scarf, tie and so on... These, more against the razor cuts, than fashion...

    Beautiful post!...»

    M Angoleiro

    The video (the only adult to play with M Pastinha is said to be Mão de Onça, with a watch on his hand)

    English captions by Eurico Vianna


    The aerial view of the region of "Bigode", actual neighborhood of Santo Agostinho in Matatu, by “Google Maps”. The big red square shows the area which was on the old days occupied by Mestre Pastinha's roda. Lühning and Pamfilio, 2012


    • Mão de Onça (a participant of the video),
      M Pastinha

    • Cely Leal (the girl from the video) and ?

    • Alceu Maynard Araujo in 1959

    M Pastinha, 1952

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