• Bigode, Salvador
     João Pequeno started to learn with him 

    1949 I was searched by Mr Ricardo, the ex-instructor of the Civil Guard fight, so that I would reorganize the capoeira Center that was without purpose. I was always ready when they looked for me, I was at home, on a Sunday, when two comrades came to invite me to see a place in Soap Fabric Siccol in Bigode, and I took capoeira there [..]

    M Pastinha's manuscripts

    «How did I meet mestre Pastinha? One day I was in a capoeira roda in Terreiro de Jesus and this mister came and entered the roda with the other man that I knew from capoeira rodas. He entered the roda and he played with that mister and when leaving the roda he said: «I came here to organize this. I want to organize this and for this I came here. So who wants can appear there in Bigode.

    In the middle of the week that group "lets go here, lets go there, lets go everywhere", appear in the place. It was Gigante, you know, Gigante do Manuel [M Bimba], he was part of the group also. I said: «Lets go». Then on one Sunday the guys got there again, we went. We got to Bigode and Mr Pastinha was there with his capoeira. So I got there and registered to the association and never left.»

    M João Pequeno, 1988

    It was 1953 and he [M João Grande] was 20 years old. He saw a capoeira roda, João Pequeno's. The other João had already played for two years in Pastinha's Academy. "João, where is your academy?" "In Candeal Pequeno".

    Tribuna da Bahia, 1988

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