•  Had M Gato Preto as contra-mestre 

    In the years 1950 and 1951 [M Gato Preto] was contra-mestre of bateria in M Pastinha's Academy.

    A Tarde. Salvador, 10 July 1971.

    In the 16 photos of 42 made by Pierre Verger in Bigode that we have unfortunately M Gato Preto was not found and probably doesn't appeear. Who wants to compare can verify M Gato Preto's photo when he was some 20-25 years old here.

    It is also possible, that the photos were made in 1952* when M Gato was already the contra-mestre of M Cobrinha Verde.

    * M Gildo Alfinete's hint.

    M Pastinha's roda in Bigode in the years 1949-1954

    The aerial view of the "Bigode" region, present day Santo Agostinho neighborhood, by "Google Maps". The bigger red square shows the old area which was ocupated by Mestre Pastinha's roda. Lühning and Pamfilio, 2012

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