•  Born Vicente Ferreira Pastinha 

    • Mestre Pastinha's (Vicente Ferreira Pastinha) birth certificate

    M Pastinha's birth certificate

    Tijolo Street (nr 1)

    Jornal do Commerco of 5-7-1964: He is the youngest and only living of the three children of couple José-Eugenia Sinhó Pastinha, he spaniard who established himself on the business square and she from Santo Amaro da Purificação.

    Birth certificate above, from 1971: Pastinha was born to José Snow [?] Pastinha (born Pastiña), a poor Spanish immigrant who worked as a pedlar and Eugênia Maria de Carvalho, a black Bahian homemaker at 4 in the morning of April 5th 1889 on Tijolo street 2 [1 on the map] in Salvador da Bahia.

    M Pastinha in Newspaper Ex-13, 1975: «I am an only son, I am an only son. My father was the owner of a grocery store on Tijolo Street. His name was José Siñor Pastinha, a Spanish descendant. My mother was from Santo Amaro, her name was Raimunda [Raimunda dos Santos]. So I was an only son from the Spanish part, my father's part. From my mother's part I was the second son. My mother worked in house as show repairer.»

    Should we believe the certificate, dated 1971 and having the father's middle name as Snow, or M Pastinha himself and what he said in 1975?

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