•  M Gigante died, 95 

    Student of Cobrinha Verde, mestre Gigante was the oldest living capoeira in the world. He dedicated himself to the art of mandinga since the 40-s, when spent time with Aberrê, Noronha, Barbosa, Traíra, Najé and other famous capoeiristas of the past.

    Known also for composing songs and ladainhas that are performed in capoeira rodas, he recorded a CD called The Song of the Berimbauman, the project of the researcher and writer Frede Abreu, deceased in 2013. According to what Frede wrote, the CD presented the "perfection of the rhythm of the berimbau of Gigante".

    Alexandre Lyrio

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    Very soon we will publish the feature page of M Gigante!

    M Gigante in 1987

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