• Correio Braziliense
     Capoeira for men, women and girls 
    5th June 1977


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    M Gato Preto, 1977

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      Correio Braziliense
      Capoeira for men, women and girls
      5th June 1955
      Irlan Rocha Lima

      In a tournament organized in 1970 in the Antônio Balbino gymnasium, there in Salvador, with the participation of 5000 berimbau players, he won the title of "Golden Berimbau of Bahia".

      Capoeirista since eight years of age, he has 32 years of practise and 25 as a master, having already graduated more than 700 students, including his two suns Gato III and Gato II, who took this afro/brazilian sport to Germany, where he lives.

      He is from the age of the great masters of Brazilian Capoeira, such as Pastinha, Bimba, Canjiquinha.

      In 1966, with the support of Itamarati, he was a part of the brazilian delegation that participated in the Black Arts Festival in Dacar, Africa, side by side folks like Camafeu de Oxossi, João Grande, Ataulfo Alves, Heitor dos Prazeres, Elizeth Cardoso, Clementina de Jesus and Paulinho da Viola.

      If the good reader hasn't yet discovered who we talk about, I end the mystery here. I am speaking about Mestre Gato, one of the most popular, loved and admired people of Bahia.

      It's because Mestre Gato is in Brasília and since January is teaching capoeira in the Clube dos 200, there in Taguantinha, supported by Sesi.

      Today, at 16 hours, he is opening his academy, in the Social Club Unidade de Vizinhança, there in L-2 North. The enrollment is already open, for the youth, men, women and girls.

      The classes will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 20 to 22 hours. If you tell mestre Gato he's my buddy, you might get a "perk" and he will give you a little discount.

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