•  IX Folklore Festival of Brasília 

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    IX Folklore Festival of Brasília

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      "Correio Brasiliense" Brasília DF 25.08.1972


      At the end of the Festival, on the 27th, there will be two spectacles for the children, in the Theatre of the Arena of the Zoological Gardens, at 9:30, with the participation of the Folklore group Mestre Gato of Bahia, and of the Brazilian Centre of Folklore.

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      "Diário de Brasília" Brasília DF 27.08.1972

      This year, participated in the IX Folklore Festival the Group Folklore of Guanabara, led by Maestro Aécio Alexandrino (coco, toada, embolado, maracatú); the Brazilian Centre of Folklore (bumba-meu-boi); the São Luís Choir (folkloric songs from Santa Catarina); Folkloric Group of Luzânia (catira, recortado, curraleira); Inezita Barroso (pages of folksongs); Folkloric Group of Guarapuava, led by Mathias Leh (german folklore); Folkloric Group of Manaus (native dances); Folkloric Group Mestre Gato and the Golden Berimbau of Bahia (rhythms of berimbau, bahian samba); the Choir of the Centre of Artistic Culture of Pará; Folkloric Group Bumba-Meu-Boi, from Maranhão; Opanijé; Folkloric Group of Manaus; Folkloric Group Tapuias, and the Working Group of Folklore and Laces of Ceará, from Sesi, that gained huge success, presenting to the Prefect of London.

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      Correio do Povo. P. Alegre. R. G. do Sul. 31.08.1972

      The children are to stand out with two special spectacles to have a place at the Theatre of the Arena, in the Zoological Garden, on Sunday 27th: one at 9.30 in the morning, with the participation of the Folkloric Group Mestre Gato, from Bahia, and of the Brazilian Centre of Folklore; and other, at 16.30, with the presentation of the Folkloric Group Bumba-Meu-Boi, of Maranhão.

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