A Tarde. Salvador, 10th July 1971

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    • A Tarde. Salvador, 10th July 1971
      Moacyr Nery

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    M Gato Preto, 1971

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      A Tarde. Salvador, 10 jul. 1971.
      Moacyr Nery

      A noble man from Santo Amaro, coming to Salvador at 16 years of age [probably in the beginning of 1947 - here and below commentary of velhosmestres.com], José Gabriel Góes is nowadays known for his fame of a good capoeira mestre, by the nickname Gato.

      Born on 19th March 1930, in the City of Santo Amaro da Purificação, from early on, at 8 years of age, Mestre Gato began in capoeira, learning with his own father, Euticles Luz Góes, from whom he herited a pure loyalty and a catlike manner of playing.

      Arriving in Salvador, with his 16 years, he proceeded to visit the most famous capoeira mestres, like Valdemar, [from] Ilha de Maré, Vicente Pastinha and others.

      He played with the students and played berimbau, improving, each time, his technique and occupying esteemed place in these Academies, thanks to his perfomance.

      In the years from 1950 to 1951, he was contra-mestre of bateria, in Pastinha's Academy, and, from 1952 to 1954, in Mestre Cobrinha Verde's Academy.

      From that date, already with the fame of a mestre, he set up his school, to Antonio Diniz street, 15 in Barra, having moved, in 1958, to Ari Barroso street, in Barra Avenida. In the end of the same year he transferred to Mirante da Barra [today Jardim Apipema], Cristiano Antunes [Christiano Ottoni] street, 195, where he stayed until the end of 1967.

      Today, he has his Academy set in Engenho Velho da Federação, Apolinário Santana street, 146, where he teaches the authentic capoeira, as a true Mestre.


      Besides his Academy Mestre Gato has already given various courses, attending invitations. So it goes, in 1965, he gave classes to the Escolinha da Arte group.

      From 1965 to 1967, he gave courses in Valdemar Santana's Boxing Academy and, in 1968, in Casa da Itália, to a group of professional dancers, including the teachers and students of the Dance School of the Federal University.

      He was, also, contracted by Sutursa to make exhibitions to tourists, in 64 and 65.

      He granted diplomas to 357 students who with him, learned to play capoeira Angola, Regional and Estilizado beside the berimbau rhythms and the black peoples' songs that made the history of Bahian capoeira.


      Mestre Gato carrys an enormous baggage of exhibitions, the first one having been in his native land, in 1955.

      In 1959 he presented himself in Rio de Janeiro on the invitation of Kibom, where he was offered lunch, in Revista Manchete's restaurant.

      In 1959 he made an exhibition in Sergipe, and in 1960, he returned to make demonstrations in Rio de Janeiro, one on Maracanãzinho, other in Grajau Club and, a third, in the Madureira suburb. The same year, he made exhibitions, still here in Salvador, in the Associação Atlética da Bahia, in Clube Bahiano de Tênis and Clube Grauçá.

      During the years of 1961 and 1962, he made his presentations in Clube dos Comerciários, in Hotel da Bahia and in Centro Espanhol.

      In 1963, he made an exhibition to a group of 160 american students, in Hotel Plaza.

      In 1964, he participated in the festivities of the inauguration of Clube Português da Bahia.

      Still the same year he made presentations in Porto Alegre, under the sponsorship of Sutursa and in Belo Horizonte. In Brasília during the Festa do Candongo, realized in Brasília in Iate Clube de Brasília, and finally in TV Brasília.

      From 1965 to 1967, he realized the following exhibitions: in Associação Atlética, Banco Brasil, here in Salvador, to give homage to Dr. Senhor [Senghor], President of Senegal. Another, in the same place, giving homage to Miss Universe.

      Eight exhibitions in Rio de Janeiro, under the sponsorship of Varig and another for the invitation of magazine Manchete. An exhibitions, also, in Niterói.

      Still in 67, he made three presentations in Canal 5, here in Salvador, one in April to receive the trophy "Os Dez Mais", other in May, and, finally, in June in the program "A Noite é do 5".

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      Mestre Gato participou do 1° Simpósio de Capoeira, realizado no Rio de Janeiro, sob a direção do Major Nety, representando a Bahia.

      Um grande troféu conquistado em 1970, pelo Mestre Gato foi o Berimbau de Ouro, por te se classificado em 1° lugar no Festival Folclórico de Capoeira e Toques de Berimbau, realizado no Ginásio de Esportes Antonio Balbino.


      A participação mais importante, do Mestre Gato, foi no I Festival da Arte Negra do Mundo, realizado em Dakar, representando o Brasil, com suas lutas e danças típicas. Com êle, fizeram também, brilhantes exibições Mestre Pastinha, Camafeu de Oxóssi, João Grande e outros bons capoeiristas. No candomblé, Olga de Alakêto, fez sucesso.

      Para êsse Festival o Rio de Janeiro compareceu, integrando a delegação brasileira, composta de 25 figurantes, com Ataulfo Alves e suas Pastoras, Paulinho da Viola, Jorginho, Clementina de Jesus e Elizete Cardoso.

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