Balbininho, Fonte Nova, Salvador
    September, 1970

    [..] And, what is most important, [M Gato Preto conquered the] first place as berimbau player in the Folk Festival in September in Salvador, when he competed with the snakes of our land, who modesty aside, are much better than the africans. [..]

    Diário de Notícias - 13th October 1970

    [..] A great trophy conquered in 1970, by Mestre Gato was the Golden Berimbau, having been given 1st place in the Folk Festival of Capoeira and Berimbau Rhythms, organized in the Sport Gymnasium Antonio Balbino [Balbininho*]. [..]

    A Tarde - 10th July 1971
    * Balbininho was demolished in 2010.

    «I was injusticed in a berimbau festival. I was invited by the Federation and by the Turism Department. These days Salvador D´Avila who was my great friend, became at odds with me because he wanted to speak during my Show and I didn't let him speak, to cut the Show. He got angry with me.

    When I was in the Festival in Fonte Nova I saw him in the convention and said: I'm robbed. So Gato played berimbau; Vermelho [Vermelho de Pastinha - velhosmestres.com] played berimbau. I plaued many things, also put the berimbau on the ground. When it came to see who was the best, he named Gato for 1st place. I didn't say anything. Vermelho in 2nd place. Canjiquinha in 3rd place.

    I said:

    - Salvador why did you do this?

    - Uh no because you put the berimbau on the ground.

    - The berimbau is mine, I play as I want. You know why you did this? Because you are angry with me. You did this to put me down.»

    Canjiquinha - The Joy of Capoeira, 1989

    • M Gato Preto, first place

    • M Vermelho de Pastinha, second place

    • M Canjiquinha, third place

    • Balbininho

    M Gato Preto, 1970

    Balbininho's old location

    Balbininho's location

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