•  Correio Braziliense, Brasília 
    23rd March, 1969

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    Correio Braziliense

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      Mestre Gato and his son Gato II in a capoeira exhibition. (Photo by Teobaldo Santos, exclusively for "CB")

      Mestre Gato, a known capoeirista from Salvador, Bahia, is in Brasília, with his folkloric group, representing "Bahia of All the Gods", and has had a show for various times, offering to the public capoeira acts, maculêlê, samba de roda and capoeira in samba. The art teacher who re-mounts the times of slavery, Mestre Gato maintains in Salvador the Academy of Capoeira Angola, teaching a group of 60 girls: in total there are 250 students, among these americans, french, german. He also teaches in the Dance School of the University of Bahia and a group of children in the School of Plastic Arts. The university of Brasília offered Mestre Gato a contract to teach capoeira. FAUNE declared in that aspect that it is making moves together with a known bahian artist, by going to proceed with contracting him in the second semester this year, with salary between 900 and 1,200 new cruzeiros. Mestre Gato (José Gabriel Góes) has almost decided to exchange Bahia for Brasília, in a definitive manner. Nevertheless, he hasn't given his final word about the subject. Today, in Theatre Martins Penna, at 21 hours, Mestre Gato and his group, made of seven members, among them: Almir Barros, known as Tião do Pandeiro; Sinésio Souza Góes, "Gatinho", will make their last show.

      Mestre Gato represented Brazil in the Black Arts Festival in Dakar, in Africa, where they obtained for our country the first prize. José da Silva Góes [José Gabriel Góes], one of the biggest capoeiristas of Brazil, learned his art with the famous mestre Vicente Ferreira Bastinho [Pastinha], but since being a child demonstrated his vocation, and it was at 8 years of age that he got his nickname "Gato", for his ability and cunning. Mestre Gato is considered by many the Pope of Capoeira in Bahia.

      The program that will be put to effect today at Martins Penna is made of three parts: Samba de Roda, pandeiro demonstration, Maculelê and Capoeira.

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    Theatre Martins Penna

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