• Brasília
     Capoeira show in the inauguration of the city 
    21st April 1960


    M Gildo Alfinete in M Zoião, 1999:
    «We went to Brasília two times, participating in the Candango night.»

    M Gildo doesn't mention the inauguration of Brasília directly, but M Pastinha had a group that traveled around Brazil (Rio, Porto Alegre) doing shows already in 1959. This group had M Canjiquinha and M Gigante and not M Gildo (who had started to learn with M Pastinha in 1959), nor M Gato Preto, but we can believe that the last was incorporated to help with the inauguration.

    The most important: an image surfaced of the event and it looks authentic - it has capoeira and Juscelino Kubitschek, the then president.


    • Juscelino Kubitschek (red square)
      Playing: M Gato Preto? and ?
      21st April 1960
      Collection: M Pombo de Ouro

    M Gato Preto

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