His mother lived on Pilar Street and his father, capoeirista Eutíquio Lúcio Góes, in Trapiche de Baixo, Santo Amaro.

    M Gato on the CD of 2001, on track 10 - Apresentação - says (at 6 seconds) the year of his birth to be 1930.

    M Gato in the interview to M Dorado says that was 17 years old in 1947 (in 18:40 minutes):

    Looks like it was Waldeloir Rego who caused the confusion when in 1968 in his book he mistakenly wrote that «Gato (José Gabriel Goes) was born in Santo Amaro da Purificação, on 19th March 1929».

    Pilar Street in Santo Amaro where M Gato Preto was born:

    Pilar Street

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