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    Ananias Ferreira
     Mestre Ananias 
    1/Dec/1924 - 20/Jul/2016

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    M Ananias
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      (M Joel) Quando Eu Tinha Dinheiro
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      Tinha Meu Dinheiro
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    M Ananias

    ABC of M Ananias

    1924 - Was born in December in São Felix, son of samba-player João Ferreira and Joventina dos Santos Ferreira.

    1938 - Started to learn capoeira in M Juvêncio's rodas.

    1942 - Moved to Liberdade and until 1946 trained with M Canjiquinha in M Pastinha's place (partly in Workers Centre of Bahia), putting together the bateria for M Pastinha in the street rodas with M Gato Preto and other percussionists.

    1946 - Until 1953 trained with M Waldemar, having been contra mestre de bateria.

    1953 - Arriving to São Paulo he founded the Associação de Capoeira Angola Senhor do Bonfim and formed the roda of Praça da República.

    1979 - He participated in the recording of M Joel's LP. Hear above track 01, which is track 4 of side B of the LP. M Joel sings, later in the chorus M Ananias, Dadinho and João Bráz (see the cover of the LP below). M Ananias only sings the chorus on this recording.

    2004 - He recorded his capoeira Angola CD. Hear above track 02, which is track 1 of CD M Ananias - Original Ao Vivo (see the cover of the CD below).

    2007 - He recorded his samba de roda CD. Hear above track 03, which is track 3 of CD M Ananias and Grupo Garoa do Recôncavo - Samba de Roda (see the cover of the CD below). M Ananias and CM Minhoca sing.

    2009 - He participated in the documentary Cantador de Chula (see the cut of the documentary below).

    2016 - Died on 20th July.

    Cantador de Chula

    M Ananias, 2009

    The view of Casa Mestre Ananias » R. Conselheiro Ramalho, 939 » Bela Vista, São Paulo

    Casa Mestre Ananias

    Photo gallery

    • M Joel, M Ananias, Dadinho and João Bráz
      Cover of the LP of 1979, M Joel - Capoeira

    • M Ananias - Original Ao Vivo, 2004

    • M Ananias and Grupo Garoa do Recôncavo - Samba de Roda, 2007

    • M Ananias in his house, 2015

    • M Ananias and friends, Oct 1986

    • M Ananias, M Leopoldina

    • Roda da República, the 80-s

    • Roda da República

    • Roda da República

    • M Ananias in front of his house

    • M Ananias

    • M Ananias

    • M Ananias in front of his house

    • M Gerson Quadrado and M Ananias

    • M Ananias and M Pedro Feitosa

    • CM Rafael and M Ananias

    • CM Minhoca and M Ananias

    • M Ananias (red shirt)

    • Dora from São Braz and M Ananias

    • M Ananias and M Moreno

    • Bateria:
      CM Minhoca (pandeiro),
      CM Rafael (berimbau),
      CM Marcelo (berimbau),
      M Ananias (berimbau)

    • The logo of M Ananias's association

    M Ananias

    Newspaper Ultima Hora
    28th November 1953

    How M Ananias came from Bahia to São Paulo in 1953 and decided to stay.

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    • Read the text below

    • Teatro Cultura Artistica

    São Paulo, 1953

    The text

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      Evaristo and Ananias, two young people from Companhia Baiana Folclorica de Oxumaré, are unhappy with the suggestions of Sergio Maia - "I didn't get a job at the Police, because I didn't know arithmetic" - (IBIAPABA MARTINS report - RUI COSTA photos)

      Bahia, which always have exported speakers, candidates and members of parlament and lately the new blood from candomblés to Umbanda shrines, makes an iniciative, shy and incipient, to export capoeira. Yes, the much spoken capoeira, out of which legends and legends are created, about which everybody can tell stories without ever having seen a capoeirista in coreographical movements of „rabos de arraia“, „aús“ and „chibatas“.


      The story happened in a more or less simple manner. Certain bahian citizen, mr Sergio Maia, noticed the interest of people of São Paulo about the things of the "Good Land", hurriedly formed a group to which gave the name „Companhia Baiana Folclorica Oxumaré“ and traveled to the South. The group includes, among other numbers, capoeira. A group of young guys, affected to the common shrewed manoeuvres on Baixa dos Sapateiros and Brotas, agreed to the excursion. Carrying berimbaus and caxixis, they started in the direction of São Paulo in the company of Sergio Maia.

      Soon, they were giving shows in Teatro de Cultura Artistica, the spectacles appreciated by the lovers of folklore, but relatively little accepted by the paying public, that which fills the halls of the spectacle and keeps the artists dying of starvation. While „Companhia Baiana Folclorica Oxumaré“ acted in São Paulo, Teatro de Cultura Artistica was more or less empty, pessimistic, sad, in spite of the candomblé songs and the fast howl of the berimbaus. Annoyed, Sergio Maia decided to disperse the group. Who wanted, could return to Bahia because S. Paulo - as he said - was not too prepared to the spectacles of bahian folklore, stylized with love and art.

      Well, it so happened that the capoeiras didn't agree with the idea. When they had agreed to the iniciative, they thought to stay in the land of the drizzle for good, making a life at the expense of the "chibatas". Jonas, Adão, Evaristo and Ananias decided then to rebel against the return. They put the foot down strong and, now, are available to accept any offer. They are available, even, to work in "clubs", mixing capoeira kicks to the smily apresentations of the americanized "girls".


      Unfortunately, one of the boys doesn't know how to read or write. It was him, Evaristo Martins, the regular visitor of Mestre Waldemar's Shrine, who said to us:

      - „I had an offer from the Police, but I didn't know arithmetic and couldn't do anything.. I went to teach them..."

      Agile, strong, he is practically the leader of the four capoeira. While Adão Felix Reis and Jonas Ferreira dos Santos grasp the berimbau, the caxixi and the atabaque, he and Ananias Ferreira cross the capoeira steps in the middle of the shrine, singing:

      „Tabareo who comes from backlands,
      Selling okra and gherkin and stuff...“

      He sings from what he's heard, learning everything by heart because he doesn't know hot to read. He is a backlands guys in the true meaning of the word, despite having grown up in the old Liberdade de Salvador, learning the best he could with Mestre Waldemar.

      - „But, in the end", explained the boy to us, "we are available to bring capoeira to São Paulo. We think that she won't [..] as a theatre spectacle or to integrate to the numbers of the "clubs". We think that the box, jiu-jitsu or free fight academies could include our art in their programs. [..] to learn capoeira..."

      And this is how capoeira starts to become yet another of the export articles of Bahia. Evaristo Martins, a specialist in headbutts and leg sweeps, wants to work in the exportation...


      To the liking of the customer, Evaristo and Ananias will teach the diverse methods of capoeiragem, to the wish of the customers. They will give lessons of "Angola", the genuine, in which Mestre Pastinha is the emeritus. Dressed in white, without touching the body of the opponent, they will execute marvellous coreographies. They can also transmit the divers tricks of "Regional", created by Mestre Bimba which actually has nothing of regional because impregnated of the cosmopolitism of jiu-jitsu, of box and greco-roman fight. And, still, they will teach the paulistano to fight according to the precepts of Capoeira de São Bento, who puts the hands on the customers, efficient and brave.

      - „As they wish", explains Evaristo, "because we play to the liking of the partner. We've been in his vadiação for years, since we all learned falling a lot in the [..] of Amaralina and Brotas..."

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      [..] Two are the players of capoeira: Evaristo Martins Vieira and Ananias Ferreira. The atabaque player is Carlos Soares. Berimbau players: Jonas Ferreira dos Santos and Adão Felix Reis. The father of Saint is the well-known Joãozinho da Gomeia, who came from Rio to integrate to the cast. [..]

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