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    Artur Emídio de Oliveira
     Mestre Artur Emídio 
    31/Mar/1930 - 3/Mai/2011

    The ABC

    1930 - Born on March 31 in the city of Itabuna, in the south of Bahia.

    1937/8 - He started capoeira with M Paizinho (Teodoro Ramos), a student of M Neném, an African.

    1946 - His master died of meningitis and Artur started as an instructor.

    1953 - He left Itabuna for São Paulo, for a fight against Edgar Duro. On the 29th of June he lost to Rudolf Hermanny.

    1954 - Traveled to Rio de Janeiro to fight Hélio Gracie.

    1955 - He moved to Rio de Janeiro with his family. That year M Leopoldina became his student. He founded his capoeira group Artur Emídio and taught future masters like Celso, Mendonça, Vilela, Djalma Bandeira, Vilmar and others.

    1957 - He fought Robson Gracie at Maracanãzinho. He appeared a lot in the newspapers.

    1962 - Paulo Gomes became his student.

    1967 - Served as a judge at the event called Berimbau de Ouro in Rio.

    1987 - Participated in the event with old masters from Bahia in Rio (pictured below).

    2011 - On May 3, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, M Artur Emídio died.



    • M Artur Emídio
      Collection: Capoeira History

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    • M Camisa,
      M Caiçara,
      M João Grande,
      M Gato Preto (behind M João Grande, with berimbau),
      M Artur Emídio,
      M Pinatti
      Oct 1987
      Circo Voador, RJ

    M Artur Emídio

    Artur Emidio x Robson Gracie: Promise of Punches and Blood!

    • Última Hora 10th April 1957


      Saturday, at Maracanãzinho: Artur Emidio x Robson Gracie: Promise of Punches and Blood!

      Artur, the Ambassador of Capoeira, Speaks at the Last Minute - "Robson May Not Fall into the Mistake of Winning Before the Gong Strikes..." - "I Will Do With Gracie-boy What Waldemar Did With Hélio" - The Opinion of #1 Capoeira in Brazil

      Little by little, the city becomes aware of a struggle that, given the names it brings together, should be on the front pages of the newspapers. To begin with, we have the following: it is a legitimate meeting without "marmalade" and which, for that reason, deserves the support of all sportsmen. Artur Emidio, the challenger, is an almost unknown. They say "almost" and we add: no one has seen him, in Rio, in his best form. It is true that, three years ago, he faced the then capoeira Rudolfo Hermani. But, at that time, Artur didn't have the color, the category of the great capoeiras. Today, with another ten kilos of weight, matured and highly trained, he is willing to prove that the almost obsolete capoeira is efficient, yes sir, when well applied. For our part, we can say: when it comes to this type of fight, no one is better, more efficient, but categorized than the friendly Bahian. This reporter witnessed, in Salvador, the form of Robson Gracie's opponent. I have formed my opinion about "Jiu-Jitsu" and capoeira. But, I repeat, no one is better suited to kicking, headbutting, stingray tails. Artur is, in fact, the "Ambassador of Capoeira".

      Artur x Robson

      The fight, which will take place in Maracanãzinho, next Saturday, will serve to define capoeira's position in the national boxing scene. Will it be efficient? Artur says yes: the Gracies say no. One thing, however, is certain: the public will watch a meeting between two great fighters (each one in his own specialty) who will sell their defeat dearly.

      In this writing, after regretting the proof of sufficiency to which he was submitted (we also regret the "idea" of the Federation) Artur declares:
      - I have it capoeira with the word - here with me, that I won the fight. Why? Very simple: everyone is thinking that I, Artur, only have capoeira as a weapon. None of that. I'm also a jiu-jitsu teacher and I know boxing. Robson who doesn't make the mistake of "winning" before the gong strikes...

      Caption of the photo: ARTUR, THE CAPOEIRA - In this newsroom, the ambassador of Capoeira, "trains" with Waldemar

      Continuing, Arthur declares that he will not disappoint and observes:
      - Hélio Gracie and Carlos think they'll meet that embarrassed and humble boy who, four years ago, visited the Gracie Academy. The years, the need to break through with punches and kicks, have scorched my shyness. Today, inside the ring, I'm able to face any opponent, as equals.
      Artur praises Robson Gracie, who he considers as technical as Carlson, and comments:
      - I intend to do with Robson what Waldemar [Waldemar Santana - velhometres.com] did with Hélio.

      The Chance

      For Artur Emidio, who is committed to proving the efficiency of capoeira, this will be a life and death struggle. In this game, Artur will risk not only his skin, but also the future. The tarpaulin of the ring will be, by comparison, the green cloth of the friendly fighter. If victorious, he will be transported to seventh heaven. Defeated, Artur will see capoeira and his hopes buried. Anyway, when it comes to fighting, absolutely honest and, therefore, reeking of blood, this will be the big call for next Saturday.

    M Artur Emídio and Celso

    M Artur Emídio

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