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    Olavo Paixão dos Santos
     Mestre Olavo 

    The ABC

    1942 - On the 29th July was born in Muritiba. Learned capoeira with mestre Alfredo of Capoeira Angola there.

    1958 - Started making berimbaus.

    1960 - Becoming 18, he moved to Salvador and started to learn capoeira and berimbau making with M Waldemar.

    1967 - Met M Acordeon and later started learning capoeira regional with him.

    1969 - Led the Agnelo rodas of M Waldemar until the rodas stopped in 1970.

    2021 - Received the Master Artesan title in May.


    • M Olavo
      Collection: artesanatodabahia.com.b

    • Sitting:
      M Olavo (berimbau),
      M João Pequeno (pandeiro),
      M João Grande (berimbau),
      M Gigante (berimbau),
      M Waldemar (singing)
      Squatting: M Paulo dos Anjos and M Itapoan
      M Itapoan's house
      August 20, 1989
      Salvador, Brasil
      Collection: M Bola Sete

    • M Olavo
      Collection: Elzinha Abreu

    • M Olavo
      Collection: M Guaxini Do Mar

    M Olavo

    M Olavo telling his story and singing

    M Olavo

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