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    Manoel Messias Pereira
     Mestre Messias 
    6/Aug/1927 - 9/Feb/2019

    The ABC of M Messias

    1927 - He was born in the municipality of São Braz, Bahia, on 6th August, son of Paulo Cândido de Almeida and Isadora Pereira.

    1942 - Started in capoeira 15 years old with M Leó, who was a student of João Catarino, who was Besouro's student. The same year his buddy Gato Preto (José Gabriel Góes, 12 years old) moved to São Braz. João Catarino was Gato Preto's uncle.

    1947 - Was made a master 20 years old by M Leó.

    1978 - His prayer was recorded by Ralph Waddey.

    2019 - Died on the 9th February.


    • M Messias

    • M Messias

    • M Messias

    • M Messias

    • M Messias and M Adó

    • M Adó and M Messias

    • M Messias in his house

    • Jean Sarará and M Messias
      Collection: Escola de Capoeira Angola Raízes do Sul

    • M Messias's altar

    • Squatting: M Messias and M Felipe
      Collection: M Sidney

    M Messias


    M Messias

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