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    Oswaldo Lisboa dos Santos
     Mestre Paraná 
    25/Sep/1922 - 7/Mar/1972

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    M Paraná, 1963
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    M Paraná, 1963

    ABC of M Paraná

    1922 - Was born on 25th September in Salvador, son of Cândido Lisboa dos Santos and Albertina Maria dos Santos.

    1932 - Started to learn capoeira in Alto das Pombas with M Antônio Corró, who was born in 1870, was an ex-slave, illiterate and carrier on the Cais Dourado in Salvador.

    1945 - In February move to Rio de Janeiro with his wife Maura Bastos (28th August 1920, Salvador - 8th June 1989, Realengo - Rio de Janeiro) right after coming from the Marines of Brazil, where he practised box and served the military. His first place to live was in the Flamengo neighborhood, later moved to the Itaóca Avenue in Bonsucesso, later to the Miguel Burnier Street (also in Bonsucesso) and finally to the Miringa Street in Realengo. In June 1945 he was admitted to the IPASE (Pension and Assistance Institute for the State Workers) as a special craftsman.

    1950 - Founded the Conjunto Folclórico de Capoeira (later Group) São Bento Pequeno on the Miguel Burnier Street.

    1956 - M Polaco started to learn with him.

    1963 - Recorded the LP Capoeira Mestre Paraná (listen above).

    1966 - M Polaco: in August in Brasília there was the IV Folk Festival of Brasília, where also the National Theatre of Brasília was inaugurated. Mestre Paraná's São Bento Pequeno Group was present there.

    1969 - Traveled to Lisbon with the group of the ballerina Mercedes Batista.

    1972 - Died on 7th March in Rio victim of a cardiac arrest in the place where he worked (IPASE) as a carpenter. He was buried on the Murundu cemitery in Realengo.

    We thank M Polaco (José Roberto Rocha) for the clarifications.

    Photo gallery

    • M Paraná
      M Polaco's collection

    • M Paraná's LP

    • M Paraná with students
      M Polaco's collection

    • M Paraná with students
      M Polaco's collection

    • M Paraná with students
      M Polaco's collection

    • Maria Bethânia, M Mintirinha and M Paraná
      M Polaco's collection

    • Nelson Motta,
      Caetano Veloso,
      Maria Bethânia,
      Jards Macalé,
      M Paraná,
      M Genaro,
      Collection: Mico Preto Capoeira

    • M Paraná playing berimbau in the theatre piece O Pagador de Promessas
      M Polaco's collection

    • M Paraná (in the middle in white suit) during the preparations to travel to Lisbon with the group of ballerina Mercedes Batista.

    M Paraná

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