•  Participated in the revolution of 1930 

    [..] but the news about the Revolution of 1930 reached his ears and he decided to fight on the rebels side who were commanded by Getúlio Vargas.

    Castro, 2007

    «I abandoned my family and went south, joining the revolutionaries. Oswaldo Aranha, Juarez Távora and Juracy Magalhães accompanied the commander: Getúlio Vargas. We left Ceará with 60 men, and went on foot to Alagoinhas*. I was just 22 years old. When we arrived in Alagoinhas we had over 3,000 men. We exchanged fire for an hour and thirty minutes, heavy fire. They say you can still find human skulls in that area to this day.»

    * The State of Alagoas fits better here, but it's still very far to go on foot.

    Santos, 1991

    [..] In Ceará, the movement started in the barracks of the 23º Batallion of Hunters, where on 4th October 1930 was a revolt run by Juarez Távora [..]

    [..] Following the victories won in Pernambuco and Paraíba, the revolutionary troops went to Alagoas, where the local government was sent away. [..]

    [..] Getúlio Vargas assumed the leadership of "Provisionary Government" in 3rd November 1930 [..]


    • The soldiers of Platoon Nego of 2º Batallion of Hunters during the Revolution of 1930
      entre 03 out. e 02 nov. 1930 (Data provável)

    Soldiers of Platoon Nego

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