• 2015

    The ABC

    2009 - There was this idea of salvaging M Gato Preto's photos on internet. One of the first photos was this (we still don't know where it was published):

    • Standing: ?,
      ? (berimbau),
      M Zé Doro (pandeiro),
      ? (atabaque),
      ? (pandeiro),
      M Gato Preto (berimbau),
      Rei Mocotó (agogô)
      Playing: ? and ?
      Elevador Lacerda, Bahia, Brasil

    M Gato Preto

    After some time without there being a place where to verifiy the dates of the photos we started to create the mestre's life timeline.

    2013 - On the 16th Feb we launched M Gato Preto's page on Facebook  MestreGatoPreto  and on 1st Nov M Waldemar's  mestrewaldemardaliberdade .

    2014 - On 17the March we launched M Cobrinha Verde's page  MestreCobrinhaVerde  and on 3rd Sep M Besouro's  BesouroManoelHenrique .

    2015 - On 13th Oct we launched M Pastinha's page  pastinha1889 , on 22nd Oct the central page  ABCdeVelhosMestres  and on 6th Nov opened the velhosmestres.com portal and started to build the pages there.

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