•  Bizouro died!..... 
    O Combate
    12th July, 1924

    This great find stands out among the rest until we come across an actual picture of Besouro himself!

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    O Combate July 12, 1924


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      Bizouro died!!.....

      In the morning of 8th of this month the population of this city [Santo Amaro] was surprised with an announcement that on the gate of the market a canoe was found from the village of S. Francisco with citizen Manoel do Anjos, known as Bizouro, beated by 25 men in Maracangalha-The Cinco Rios Mill.

      A large mass flooded the place, where, Bizouro, was being transported by the police, half dead to the Santa Casa, where he was the victim of what he received from one of his agressors, in Maracangalha on Sunday, the 5th*, mortal knife-cuts in the stomach, operated carefully by the famous and competent doctor Dr. Virgilio Diniz Senna.

      Strong guy, very brave, was quite weak, stomach inside out, already with stench(?), having lost all of his blood due to the delay with his transport (more than 48 hours) to the city that should have happened directly by train the same day.

      Hours after being medicated Bizouro died having his crowded funeral on the morning of the 9th.

      Bizouro was brave and faught a lot with the police that always persecuted him. He wasn't perverse, he wasn't a thief and never killed. He was assassinated cowardly and urges the police to investigate the crime that absolutely cannot stay unpunished!

      They killed Bizouro!!...

      Tomorrow comes another stabbed, assassined, and... they bury the body and nothing else...

      We appeal to the authorities, to the Court of Law and to the police chief that until now have merited from the public sensible and full confidence.

      Peace to the soul of Manoel dos Anjos and condolences to his mourning family.

      *Sunday was the 6th and not the 5th July

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