•  Orlando Teixeira (Memeu) got thrashed by Besouro 

    The lands of the Engenho Santo Antônio do Rio Fundo mill

    The lands of the Engenho Santo Antônio do Rio Fundo mill, from above

    This farmer [Dr Zeca Teixeira] had a son called Memeu, who was pretty bad-tempered. He had an argument with Besouro, and his father, fearing for his life, sent Besouro to work in a mill [Cinco Rios, Maracangalha], where he had a friend as an administrator. He sent a letter to him, by Besouro himselg, who didn't know how to read. This letter asked that he would be killed there.
    The story goes that the son of the farmer, known as Memeu, got thrashed by Besouro. Dr. Zeca, then, set up the following trap: he asked one of his goons to "contract" Besouro to take a note to a farm in the vicinities of Santo Amaro [Cinco Rios, Maracangalha], and to return to the farm on the next day, to get the answer.
    Besouro didn't suspect that the addressee of the note was his own assassin and, illiterate as he was, was not capable to identify that the content of the message that he handed over was his death sentence: an order that the carrier of the note would be killed.


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