•  Became a sailboat worker 

    But Besouro wouldn't be a man to stay in one place [after being thrown out of the army]. He started to look for another occupation, and doing that returned home [to Santo Amaro]. After working that long on the land, he became a sailing boat hand. Contact with the water wasn't too unfamiliar for him, after all he had swum Rio Subaé many times escaping the police. He already possessed the traveller's spirit. On board of his boat, baptized as Deus me guie [Guide me Lord], on the many trips between Salvador and the towns of the bay area he must have reflected on the life he had, of uncertain days, of new adventures on every dawn.


    It was the same neighborhood, which at that time was the poorest part of the city of Santo Amaro. According to Jaco, Besouro was born and raised in the city, having left the military service, he worked on a ship called "Deus guie me" (God guide me).

    Liberac, 2002

    A trip of around 57 km

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