• Fort of Santo Antônio, Salvador
     New meeting of practitioners of Angola 
    14th June 1987

    A Tarde, 19/06/87:

    In the informal meeting [to talk about founding ABCA] in the Fort of Santo Antônio participated, on last Sunday, 14th June, the masters Lua, João Pequeno, João Grande, Waldemar, Nô, Moraes, Cobrinha Mansa; and the teachers Renê Bitencourt, from Academia Navio Negreiro; Calazans, from Academia Movimento (that had a balanced and praised participation, although being an adept of Regional); and Barba Branca, besides students of many masters.

    Magalhães, 2011


    • The ABCA foundation document of 1987

      Memória Periféricas da Capoeira Angola de Salvador: Mestre Nô's personal archive

    Foundation of the ABCA

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