• Fort of Santo Antônio, Salvador
     New meeting of practitioners of Angola
    14th June 1987

    A Tarde, 19/06/87:

    In the informal meeting [to talk about founding ABCA] in the Fort of Santo Antônio participated, on last Sunday, 14th June, the masters Lua, João Pequeno, João Grande, Waldemar, Nô, Moraes, Cobrinha Mansa; and the teachers Renê Bitencourt, from Academia Navio Negreiro; Calazans, from Academia Movimento (that had a balanced and praised participation, although being an adept of Regional); and Barba Branca, besides students of many masters.

    Magalhães, 2011


    • The ABCA foundation document of 1987

      Memória Periféricas da Capoeira Angola de Salvador: Mestre Nô's personal archive

    Foundation of the ABCA

Pages dedicated to the Old Masters of Capoeira. Our idea is to rebuild and present their lives based on photos, videos, audios and historical texts.

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