Liberdade, Salvador

    The same year [1986] I also had a contact with one of the greatest singers and berimbau players of Bahia, Mestre Waldemar Rodrigues da Paixão, where I had a great theoretical class, in his own house in Salvador, about the history of capoeira, the bateria formation and the berimbau rhythms.

    M Zequinha

    Photo gallery

    • M Zequinha,
      M Waldemar,
      M Djop Barbosa
      Liberdade - Salvador, Bahia
      M Djop Barbosa's collection

    • M Waldemar and M Pedro Feitosa
      Liberdade - Salvador, Bahia
      Alex Dias's collection

    • M Miguel Machado and M Waldemar
      86 or 87?
      Photographer Cabral (AG. Brahma press)
      Liberdade - Salvador, Bahia
      M Mico Louriz's collection

    M Waldemar, 1986

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