• M Waldemar's hut
     João Grande's visit 
    Liberdade, 1953

    M João Grande: «I always went to Waldemar. It was on fire. Mercy! There were only crooks there. There was Evanir, Tatá, Bom Cabelo, Chita Macário, Sete Molas, Zacarias. They were all master crooks. When I had three months of capoeira they kicked me out of the roda there in the hut. Antônio Cabeceiro was perverse as nobody. I was playing with Evanir. The game was getting hotter with Evanir and he bought the game without me seeing, exactly when I did a meia lua de costas without looking. So he threw me out of the roda, to the middle of the street. I even didn't see it. I got all dirty and had to go away. Next Sunday I went there again. He entered the game and I gave him a rasteira, he escaped and returned the rasteira and I stepped on his leg tearing his pants from top to bottom. He got mad and after that... priii they blew the whistle to stop the roda. There was a whistle there. [..] an old man was there. He whistled to stop and to start [the game].»

    Interview to Abelha (Poloca), 1st September 2004

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