•  Started selling painted berimbaus on the Água de Meninos market 

    M Waldemar: «This painting of berimbaus was invented by me. (...) local capoeiristas, mestres, made berimbaus with bark. The arame was the fence wire, it wasn't steel wire. Later they burned a tyre and got a rusty wire, which broke. I invented opening [the tyre] with manual force so that it [the wire] would be raw. I started to do white berimbaus (...) Later I invented painting them and started to make painted berimbaus. I'm known for this.»

    It is well known among Mestres that the first person to paint a berimbau was Mestre Waldemar da Paixão. He himself said: «I invented varnishing [berimbaus]. I made a very good berimbau named Azulão [Big Blue]. Made it with blue varnish.»

    He also said: «I was the one who brought berimbaus to Bahia.» This is also true. In 1942 he started to make berimbaus to sell and invented a special painting for these.

    Shaffer, 1977

    The Água de Meninos market on the map ..

    The Água de Meninos market

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    The Água de Meninos market

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