• 22nd February 1916
     Was born Waldemar Rodrigues da Paixão 
    Ilha de Maré

    Data of birth

    In the old age M Waldemar didn't always tell his correct age. We have however two good sources about his birth date. One of these is the interview with him from February 1987 (listen below at 41:02 for the interview with M Negoativo):

    «I have 72 [probably 71] on my back. I will now be 72 years old on 22nd February.»

    M Waldemar, 1987

    In the other source: Mestre Waldemar (Waldemar da Paixão), born in Salvador on 22nd February 1916.

    Kay Shaffer in O Berimbau-de-barriga e seus Toques (The Stomach-berimbau and its Rhythms), 1977, page 34.

    Place of birth

    [..] capoeira, that [M Waldemar] brought from Ilha de Maré to show that it's not only the city of Salvador that produces good people in the fight and in Angola.

    Diário de Notícias. 10/Oct/1970

    Other mestres with the same name

    PS There existed also two other mestres named Waldemar:

    Waldemar Santana, who also practised capoeira, but not as folklore (he was a jiu-jitsu and vale-tudo fighter), and was born in Salvador on 29th October 1929.

    Waldemar dos Santos, student of M Bimba, born in Salvador in 1935, 8th December(?), who had his academy in São Paulo.

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