Gregório de Matos Str, 49, Salvador

    In 1979, again due to the action taken by some friends such as Vivaldo da Costa Lima, the city granted him another space in the Rua Gregório de Matos to reopen his school at Ladeira do Ferrão, near the place of his former academy. There his students João Pequeno, João Grande and Ângelo taught, while Pastinha was sitting on a chair, eventually correcting some pupils by the sound produced when falling on the floor of the academy, or lecturing students and visitors about the ‘foundations’ of capoeira Angola. Yet visitors did not fail to note that his school was not any longer what it used to be.

    Assunção, 2005

    Now completely blind, Mestre Pastinha complains that he can't do anything in his new academy, on Guedes de Brito street [Gregório de Matos street], run by his wife and his oldest student, Ângelo Romano.

    Magazine Placar, 28th December 1979

    Photo gallery

    • Sitting:
      M João Pequeno,
      Papo Amarelo,
      ? (pandeiro),
      ? (berimbau),
      ? (atabaque)
      Adilson Senzala and M Bola Sete
      M Pastinha's academy, 1979

    • Papo Amarelo,
      M Bola Sete,
      Fernando do Pero Vaz,
      M Bobó,
      Santo Amaro
      M Pastinha's academy, 1979

    • ?,
      ? (pandeiro),
      M João Grande (berimbau),
      ? (berimbau),
      M Pastinha,
      ? (berimbau),
      ? (pandeiro),
      Maria Romélia (M Pastinha's wife)
      M Pastinha's academy, 1979?

    • M Ezequiel,
      M Pastinha,
      Coice de Burro,
      M Paulo dos Anjos,
      Playing: ?
      M Pastinha's academy, 1979?

    M Pastinha, 1979

    Video recorded in the new academy

    Gregorio de Matos Str, 49

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