• Última Hora
     Capoeira: mestre Pastinha comes to treat himself in São Paulo 
    19th March 1971

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    Última Hora, 1971

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      Capoeira: mestre Pastinha comes to treat himself in São Paulo
      Última Hora
      19th March 1971

      Vicente Ferreira Pastinha, who was one of the most famous capoeira masters of Bahia, is today, at 86 years of age, in a situation that makes you hurt: blind, sick, living in a room where only his single bed fits, on the Pelourinho Square, in Salvador.

      The description of the state in which Pastinha is was made by Reinaldo Suassuna, the student of mestre Bimba, who, sympathizing with what he saw on his recent trip to the bahian capital, decided to do something for the old capoeira master. He got together a group of friends to pay for Pastinha's trip to São Paulo, to cure himself.


      The cost of travel and lodging, in this capital, are not a problem. It will be shared between the bahians who have capoeira academies in São Paulo. The difficulty that they have is to get a hospital that would treat Pastinha free, because they don't have any means to handle the costs of admission, mainly to treat the cataract to give him his sight back.

      Suassuna, in the face of this, decided to appeal to the new secretary of the State Tourism, mr. Pedro Magalhães Padilha, so that he would put in a good word with the management of the Hospital of the Clinics to get Pastinha admitted in that establishment, where the treatment and the operation would be easier.


      In the appeal to the secretary of Tourism, Reinaldo Suassuna explains:

      - Pastinha, same as mestre Bimba, are famous in Bahia. Until very recently they were excellent teachers of capoeira, that is part of our folklore, as a dace, although deep down it's a real brazilian sport. The capoeira academies of both of them attract tourists. Pastinha, for this, is closely connected to the tourism.


      Reinaldo Suassuna says that what made him make the decision to help Pastinha was the fact that no bahian authority is interested for his ordeal. The only this they did for him was to give him a pension of a hundred cruzeiros monthly, an amount which he considers ludicrous, taking into account the cost of life in Bahia, much more higher than in São Paulo.

      - If the secretary of Tourism of São Paulo intercede to the HC and we would get the treatment and the operation of Pastinha, all of us, that know the difficult situation that he is in the end of his life, would be very happy and eternally greatful, the said in the end.

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