Jornal do Brasil, Rio de Janeiro
    26th October, 1971

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    Mestre Pastinha, 1971

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      Telegram distances Pastinha

      Salvador (Sucursal) – Mestre Pastinha yesterday unexpectedly traveled to Rio and his boarding house neighbors knew to tell us only that "he received an urgent telegram to treat his sight."

      The old capoeirista of 82 years can't then hear the news that would make him very happy: the superintendent of Sutursa, taking into account the recommendation of the mayor Clerison Andrade, decided to increase his pension from Cr$ 147 to Cr$ 300.

      Mestre Pastinha since they started the works to reform the Pelourinho Square - where is located his Academy - lives in an old and damp flat in a boarding house on Alfredo Brito Street, 14, surviving the housing costs thanks to Sutursa and the help of some of his ex-students. His neighbors can't tell us who called Pastinha, nor where the old capoeirista will have the operation.

      Also the Tourism Bureau of Salvador was surprised with Pastinha's trip: the superintendent Herval Pedreira sent yesterday morning a social-worker to tell him about the increase of more than 100% of his pension and encountered the empty flat. Pastinha received until yesterday a monthly pension of Cr$ 147 (a minimum salary) "for services rendered." To increase it to Cr$ 300, the Sutursa transfered the allowance to "help for services rendered."

      This increase was an old claim by Pastinha, who now only waits the fulfilment of another government's promise: the restitution, after the restauration of the architectural ensemble of Pelourinho, of the old house where he's been teaching capoeira de Angola for almost 50 years [16 years - velhosmestres.com].

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