• Tribuna da Bahia
     Bimba e Pastinha, duel of titans 
    Salvador, 13/11/1969

    Pieces of the article

    «[..] when in Brazil someone invents something, someone else will always get the fame. I raised capoeira in Bahia, before me who played capoeira were the carriers and undertakers, today not any more, today these are doctors and lawyers. Nobody values capoeira angola, because it's a dance. And if the made capoeira official as they wanted, it would be regional that is considered a fight. Mestre Pastinha became a capoeira mestre after I had already taught for thirty years.»

    Mestre Bimba

    «Bimba teaches his students to play faster, while I determine my movements slow and cunning. Capoeira came from Angola. Regional is a myth. It's only a name made up by Bimba, angoleiro same as myself.

    I'm not the number one capoeirista in Bahia, but I was the one that raised it and managed to enter it to the society [..] mestre Bimba is as much angoleiro as me because there is only one capoeira: Angola. I don't want him under me, but I also don't want to stay under his feet.»

    Mestre Pastinha

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