• A Tarde
    24th February, 1969

    • In the middle M Pastinha, at the back M João Pequeno
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    A Tarde, 1969

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      Living history
      A Tarde
      24th February 1969

      Mestre Pastinha, sided by two students (photo) tells the reporter about his life's journeys and also about the episodes of the history of capoeira. He revealed that there was a time when also the women practised this sport, even though they had very complicated costumes back then. Pastinha, being 79 years old, continues to teach, but was never arrested by the Police, on the day he decided to present himself to the Secretary of the Public Security, then Dr. Álvaro Cova, to clear up certain myths about him and to get a permission to work in a gambling den, as a porter. That time his protector was the Captain Cosme de Farias, who today is the old Major Cosme de Farias, who served in the 9th Regiment, on the Palma Square.


      Around 1902 to 1911 Bahia witnessed a never-seen spectacle of coreography or rather an exhibition of real mestras of capoeira Angola, who were as agil and able as the men. It was a tough time for the "Don Juans" and for the police. Famous became Maria Homem, Palmeirona, Júlia Fogareira, Maria Pernambucana and many others, that learned the art not only with Mestre Pastinha, but also with other masters of the time.

      We asked Mestre Pastinha if these women wore special clothes similar to men and he said smilingly: - "My son, that time the dresses reached the ground. The women tore their skirts on the sides. They connected the rear part with the front one, putting them on their waist with a string, making a sort of pants. It was enough to play capoeira with any guy".

      Mestre Pastinha wants to start teaching the art of capoeira to the women again this year.


      Besides many presentations around Brazil, Mestre Pastinha also had a demonstration in Dakar, in Senegal, Africa, when he was invited by the Itamarati, thanks to the special recommendation of the Center of Afro-Oriental Studies of Bahia..

      During the meeting with the reporte, he made verses to thank the journalist for the attention given to him, thanking also everybody who's helped him, during the time he appealed to the State Governor for helping him as does the Town Hall.

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