• The Antônio Balbino Gym
    26th February 1966

    M Zoião in 1999 in Arte da Capoeira:

    «This is an historic photo, it was taken during a championship of Capoeira de Angola and Regional in the Antônio Balbino Gym, watched by more than two thousand people. As Mestre Bimba and Mestre Pastinha didn't talk to each-other, Vermelho and Zoião managed to reunite the two, and, as it had been arranged with the photographers earlier, the managed to preserv this moment with this photo that really became historic.»

    • M Vermelho 27,
      M Bimba,
      M Pastinha,
      M Zoião
      The Antônio Balbino Gym
      Collection: M Zoião

    Mestre Pastinha, 1966

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