•  Grande Ginkana Kibon 

    M Gato Preto in the interview to M Dorado available here at 2 minutes:

    M Gato Preto: «[..] because in 61 there was a party here [..] in Rio de Janeiro [..]. When we came here to Rio to the Kibon party on the foot of the Mangueira hill [..] and stayed for some 15 days, made a party. This was already in 61, when I came with M Pastinha. And the time there was needed for him to know that I had it in me. I was already the contramestre of the bateria.»

    M Gildo Alfinete in M Zoião, 1999: «Later we traveled to Rio de Janeiro, participated in the great festival of Kybon, where approximately 40 thousand people watched the festival in Maracanãzinho and to our capoeira Angola presentation, which was a show. In this trip there were Mestre Pastinha, João Grande, João Pequeno, Mestre Gato, me (Gildo Alfinete), Roberto Satanás, Firmino, Albertino da Hora and Valdomiro.»

    • Jornal do Brasil, 14-10-61

      Children's program Grande Ginkana Kibon, sponsored by Kibon ice cream.
      Participation of M Pastinha, M Gato Preto and others.

      TODAY, AT 16h 30m

      Watch, in Maracanãzinho, or on TV-RIo (Channel 13), the 1.° Anniversary Party of



      - [..]

      - the famous capoeiristas of Bahia, led by Mestre Pastinha;

      - [..]

      AND MORE:

      handing over the medals of the BEST OF THE YEAR of GRANDE GINKANA KIBON!


    • A Noite, 13-10-61

    • Diario da Noite, 13-10-61

    • Diario da Noite, 14-10-61

    • Tribuna da Imprensa, 13-10-61

    • Ultima Hora, 13-10-61

    Grande Ginkana Kibon, 1961

    Maracanãzinho, Rio de Janeiro

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