•  «Peculiarities of Bahia charmed Sartre and Simone» 


    Text by Mário Camarinha * Photos of Geraldo Viola

    [Sartre] visited Mestre Pastinha's Capoeira Academy, on the Pelourinho hillside.

    Caption: MESTRE PASTINHA (seventy one years old) gives a capoeira "show" in the Angola Academy, Ladeira do Pelourinho. The french were filled with enthusiasm.

    O Cruzeiro, 1960

    «Champion and teacher, a skinny black guy, very short, with malicious air about him, put on a surprising show.»

    S. Beauvoir, 1963


    • Sitting (from the right):
      Jorge Amado,
      Simone de Beauvoir,
      Jean Paul Sartre,
      Playing: ? and M Pastinha
      M Pastinha's academy, Pelourinho 19

    Sartre M Pastinha's academy, August 1960

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