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    Diário de Notícias, 1958

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      Diário de Notícias, 25th May 1958

      [..] I meet Mário Cravo with his wide smile in his studio in Amaralina. He takes us later to the house of Mestre Pastinha, an old man who teaches capoeira. In Pelourinho, in an old house of the school of capoeira where Mário is welcomed with the warmest joy. The love of this artist for his people is great, huge. He plays berimbau (looks like he is very proud of this) in the capoeira schools and shrines wherever he goes. In Sete Bola's shrine, with Traíra as mestre, the old men participate actively playing the pandeiro or singing. There are beautiful black girls, children look enthusiastically the spectacle and the boys show off in this capoeira "ballet". Youngsters continue the brazilian traditions. They sing: "To heaven go the worthy / On Earth matter who have / Eh! eh! brother / Lets go to the world beyond."

      Between Pastinha's house and Sete Bola's shrine I meet a procession with women in white [..]

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