• Pelourinho Square 19
     M Olámpio and Marinheiro visited the CECA 
    15th July 1955

    «So he [M Olámpio] accompanied me to the Pelourinho and we walked up the Ladeira do Pelourinho – to the Capoeira Angola Sports Centre – Mestre Pastinha’s space. It was July 15, 1955 at 3 p.m. We knocked on the door and Dona Alícia, Mestre Pastinha’s wife, answered. Mestre João Pequeno, whom I call warmly, «old colleague», was teaching. He was the highest ranked student there. Pastinha taught occasionally, but the classes were mostly taught by the trenels. Mestre Olámpio introduced me – I was really young and baby-faced back then, but I already had a good base in capoeira.»

    M Marinheiro in an interview to Lang Maria Liu, 2005.

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