• 1952
     Invite to go to S. Paulo 

    Pages from M Pastinha's 1960 manuscripts

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    M Pastinha, 1952

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      In 1952 I was invited to go to S. Paulo, by the two managers of S. O. R. on the 15 de Novembro Square in 1952

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      page 2

      Esteemed Sir

      Having read today big news on newspaper Estado de São Paulo about capoeira, I got something that I searched for long and got the address for a great bahian capoeirista, no doubt about it, of masters of this art. I decided then to write to you to ask for information and take liberty to give you a suggestion. I'm a paulista, I live in São Paulo and I always had great admiration for capoeira and a huge wish to learn this art of defense and attack and I've searched for a good or a bad capoeirista, who had a school where I could learn. So I'm reaching out to you respectfully, asking you to generously to send me an address where I could learn here in São Paulo. If there is no academy in São Paulo, I'd give you a suggestion to open one here and I could in the beginning arrange you inu-

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      page 3

      merous students without any economical self-gain from my part, that's for sure! There are a lot of guys searching for schools of this sort and they want to learn this great national sport and never let it be forgotten. The probabilities of success of your academy, as it could be, I'd say, are enormous thanks to the huge search and the lack of establishments of this sort in all the south of the country, especially in São Paulo.

      Below there's an address where to send a reply.

      Looking forward to
      Ruy Vieira d'Almeida
      R. Groenlândia no 1717
      Jardim Europa
      São Paulo
      115661 12-11-56

      The envelope says Academia de Capoeira de Vicente Pastinha. Ladeira do Pelourinho 19.

    R. Groenlândia n 1717, SP

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