• Avenida Dom João VI
     Ratification of the CECA 


    • Standing:
      Vicente Ferreira Pastinha (vice president of the CECA),
      Eugênio Soares da Costa (2nd secretarty),
      Ricardo Batista dos Santos (2nd treasurer)
      Paulo Santos Silva (president),
      Adolpho Galdinho (general secretary)
      Dom João VI avenue

    • M Pastinha's manuscripts
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    • M Pastinha's registry book
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    M Pastinha, 1952

    More notes from the registry book

    Honorary presidents

    1st Wilson Lins

    2nd Alaine Melo

    3rd Tancredo Teixeira

    4th Mario Cravo Junior

    5th Caribé

    Main master Vicente Pastinha

    The text

    • image 2



      Registered on 1st October 1952 under the order number of 845.
      in the Book A. W. 11. Civil Registry of Judicial Bodies
      N.B. The Founder on 23rd February 1941 Idealizer and Founder. Vicente Ferreira Pastinha being its first President Atalidio Caldeiras

      M Pastinha in his manuscripts in 1964

    • +

      image 3

      3rd President Mr Paulo Santos Silva [the one of the above photo] from 1952 to 1955

      4th President Mr Senator Wilson Lins from 1955 to [..]

      5th President

      Main master Vicente Pastinha

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