• Gengibirra, Salvador
     M Pastinha returned to Capoeira Angola 
     and founded the CECA 

    23rd February 1941

    The documents

    • Sport Centre of Capoeira Angola
      Founded on 23rd February 1941
      Regis. Under n° 845 on 1st October 1952
      Being its 1st President Mr Atalidio Calderias from 1941 to 1944

      [2nd President Mr Aurelidio Caldeiras from 1944 to 1952]

      M Pastinha's registry book

    • The manuscripts from 1960
      Read below!

    • The manuscripts from 1960
      Read below!

    The documents

    Gengibirra, Salvador

    Gengibirra, Salvador

    The text

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      History of founding the Capoeira Angola Sport Centre

      In the beginggning of the year 1941 my ex-student Raimundo, better known by the automasia Aberrêr always invited me to return to practise capoeira and take lead of a [roda] as an instructor, to which I always replied: I already distanced myself and don't pretend to return again to this sport. Aberrêr then invited me to go and see him play at Jingibirra, to which I agreed on 23rd February 1941. I went to that place as promised to Aberrêr and with a surprise Mr Amosinho, the owner of that capoeira, extending me his hand told me: It's been some time that I have waited to hand you over this capoeira, for you sir to master over. I even tried to dodge saying sorry, but taking word Mr Antonio Maré told me: there is no other way, Pastinha, it is you who will master over this here. As the comrades gave me

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      their support, accepted. And I invited you, no doubt about it, you can already see the first steps for your complete happiness. I am certain in what I think, because I see today undertanding to nestle the need and hope to believe. On 23rd February 1941. In Jingibirra, end of Liberdade, there was born this Centre, why? It was Vicente Ferreira Pastinha that gave the name "Capoeira Angola Sport Centre".

      The founders

      Amosinho, who was the owner of the group, the ones who accompanied him, Aberrêr, Antonio de Maré, Daniel Noronha, Onça Preta, Livino Diogo, Olampio, Zeir, Vitor H. U., Alemão son of Maré, Domingo do Mlha, Beraldo Izaque dos Santos, Pinieu, Jose Chibata, Ricardo B. dos Santos.

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