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     School of Naval Apprenticeship 

    Information about M Pastinha in the Marines

    «I got there [to the Marines in 1902 - velhosmestres.com], asked the guard: my friend, I wanted to talk here with a friend. With whom could I come to an understanding here? He said: what do you want? Want to serve time? I said yes. So he called the corporal of the guard, the corporal came. Came, said, is this the guy who wants to serve time. The guard corporal asked me to enter, took me to the official of the day, right? He took me to see the commandant and so on, getting there the commandant told that I wasn't good enough, right? Because I was too little. He said: you need to eat 4 more sacks of flour to enter here. The rifle is bigger than you!

    So I stayed like this, sad, right? So I said him: I don't have anywhere to stay. He said: where do you live? I say, I was employed, he was like this, was, said: let him sleep here. He will be growing here. The name of the official was lieutenant Olivo. So I stayed there. They made me the chief of the cleaners. Later came the health inspection and so on. I managed to enter the school. And order came [what looks like in 1904]: Vicente Ferreira Pastinha, number 110, I said here! I got the uniform. Me and 16 more boys.»

    M Pastinha in 1975 (Jornal Ex-13)

    Aid Book of the Apprentice Sailors of Bahia which certifies his passage through the institution, between 1904 and 1909, confirms that the intern with number 110, son of Eugênia Maria de Carvalho, was called Vicente Joaquim [!] Ferreira*.

    Aid Book of the Apprentice Sailors of Bahia. Film 2993 - photogram 027.

    * The name Joaquim is only encountered here and in no other document.

    [Capoeiristas] Ninety Five and Hundred and Five (Mestre Pastinha's companions in the school of Naval apprenticeship).

    Pastinha, 1964

    The old School of Naval Apprenticeship

    The old School of Naval Apprenticeship

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