• Correio Braziliense
     Mestre Gato teaches capoeira in the Sesi 
    8th January 1977


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    M Gato Preto, 1977

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      Correio Braziliense
      Mestre Gato teaches capoeira in the Sesi
      8th January 1977

      From the 24th this month, the members of the Industry's Social Service can have capoeira classes with one of the most famous capoeiristas of Bahia, Mestre Gato. He will give courses in the many units of Sesi in the Federal District.

      Today he'll travel to Bahia, where he will arrange the arrival of six capoeirisas, his ex-students (including his son, Gato III), who will become instructors for the courses. Mestre Gato leaves, however, everything in order with the board of the Sesi, including the fixed date for the start of the activities.

      Who presented Gato to the directors of the Sesi/DF was the governor Elmo Farias, an old acquintant of the capoeirista, since the times he studied engeneering in Salvador. The governor met the Mestre again in a recent festivity promoted in the Grêmio Esportivo Brasiliense.


      Talking to the report of the "CB", Mestre Gato tells about his wish to bring the capoeira and folk dance teachings to the people of Brasília, besides wanting to form a group for shows in theatres, schools, universities and in cultural centres. "I'll really be based in Brasília now. I'll leave Bahia for some time. I'll be teaching all the capoeira, maculelê, samba de roda, berimbau rhythms' secrets and if possible form a folk group for the shows in theatres, colleges, artistic-cultural entities".

      Besides the course that he'll give in the Sesi, Mestre Gato will have activities, also, in the Grêmio Esportivo Brasiliense, because was the first one who brought him to the city. The capoeirista thinks, moreover, to set up his own Academy, although this would be the plan in the medium term.


      Being one of the best Bahian capoeiristas of all times, as good as Pastinha, Bimba or Canjiquinha, Gato plays capoeira for 32 years and there's 25 years he is being considered Mestre. During that time he has graduated more than 700 students, many of which, are today also mestres.

      In Bahia he has two Academies. One on the Baú Street in Garcia and the other in Boca do Rio. While he stays in Brasília, his ex-students will be taking care of these schools, because Mestre Gato won't be disassociating himself from these.

      Dispite having already traveled around I don't know how many countries and been in almost all the Brazilian states, Mestre Gato is settled in Bahia, where his roots are and where he always returns.

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